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I truly regret that my WebSite might cause difficulties to some of you.

Most of the pages are written in German.

Although I originally began some of my stories in English, I changed all that when I commenced to write about the early periods of my life, because here I expected predominantly German readers. 
I wrote two Books in German:
Wir und unsere Welt  (We and our World) and  75 Jahre im 20. Jahrhundert (75 years in the 20th  Century)

Based on the experiences of a long life in Europe, in Australia and in South Africa I include under the heading of "We and our World" a number of Short Stories and a group of Verses, or call them poems, on Life in general, on European History (some of them on the old relationship between Northern Europe and England) and on Ecology (the subject of our present times). I also include reflections regarding the past century and our present times and also regarding our life on this our planet Earth, a mere speck in the vastness of the Universe.
In my second Book (75 Years in the 20th Century) I tell of different times in my life. I am recalling my Childhood and Youth in pre-war Germany, how my parents were killed by an English bomb in 1943 and the years as a Prisoner of War in England. I write of the resigning from my government carrier to migrate to Australia and how I tried out the life of a Construction Laborer, a Miner, a Stockman and a Farmhand before I found my way back into an office; then the study of Accountancy (A.A.S.A. and
C.P.A.) and how I  worked for two years for a firm of Chartered Accountants in South Africa, before  finally returning as an Australian Migrant to Germany.

For those of you, who are not able to read my books in German, this must suffice as a short description; for the others it might serve as an introduction and - hopefully - as an opener to the various chapters of the books.

For my non-German-speaking guests I can, however, offer several of my early English Texts which I have put together as a separate book (How I became an Australian) and I can also refer you to some chapters of the early parts of my life, which were  translated by an enthusiastic retired school teacher in Canada (s. further down under Translations).


Published by this book consists of 68 Pages.  ISBN  978-1-8475-3884-0

In this book, I shall tell you of some periods in my life. I shall take you back to pre-war Germany, to prison camps in England; recall my migration to Australia and later as an Australian to South Africa, with a final return to Germany. After arrival in Australia I (a former Taxation Officer in Hamburg) first tried the life of a construction labourer, a miner, a stockman and a farmhand before becoming Office Manager and later Accountant. I met many different people in the outback of Australia, in offices and head offices in Adelaide, Durban and in Germany and of course, socially in lodges and as friends in the many places where we (my wife and I) came to stay for a few days or perhaps years.
As a Preface, I include some details of the historical background to what happened to me - and to countless others.



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To look at some Translations of my German Texts:

Childhood and Youth in Hamburg 1925-1942

War Service and Holiday in the rain of bombs 1943

In English Captivity